Black Independent States in Pre-Columbus America!
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"They Came WAY before Columbus!"
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Black researchers should do the work necessary to find the documentation proving that as recently as the 1800’s, the U.S. fought with a Black nation in California called the ’Black Californians, and that that Black nation ended up on slave plantations in the U.S., while others were sent to salt mines in Mexico.
The French and Spanish have documentation on the Black Washitaw Nation who once owned much of the annexed Louisiana Territories. In fact, the Washitaw Nation regard the states of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi as Washitaw Proper, and as of this very moment, the Washitaw Nation is recognized by nations around the world as one of the most ancient nations in the Americas.
According to the present leadership of the Washitaw Empire, the Wasitaw are the descendants of prehistoric African sea farers who settled in the Mississippi Valley Region and the Southern U.S., thousands of years Before Christ. They were boat builders, builders of pyramid mounds, Seafarers and practiced agriculture.
The Washitaw originally came from Africa and were Africans. The Washitaw are still African Negritic peoples and they, like many of the ancient Blacks who live in the Americas became victims of the Papal Edict which opened the way for the colonialization of the New World and the taking of people into slavery and occupation of their lands.
The Washitaw build hundreds of earthen pyramid mounds all over the southern and midwestern parts of the U.S. Some, such as the mound at Poverty Point in Louisiana is one of the most sacred sites of the Washitaw. Skeletons found in Washitaw gravesites from the pre-Columbian period show a tall people with characteristics similar to Africans.
Kenni Gambo is an independent and self-taught researcher of Ancient African History. He lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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